California Nitrogen Gas Delivery for Your Car Dealership

Nitrogen is a gas used in various applications. Think your car's tires simply contain compressed air? Think again! If you bought your car at a dealership recently, your tires are likely filled with nitrogen. Dealerships in Asia, Europe, and South America have been using nitrogen in car tires since before the turn of the millennium. Dealers in North America were late to this trend, but have been using nitrogen for almost 10 years.

The Benefits of Using Nitrogen

Nitrogen tire inflation offers the following benefits:

  • Increased tire life
  • Improved gas mileage
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced risk of uneven tread wear

The use of nitrogen is also an excellent way to attract and retain customers. By offering a nitrogen inflation program, dealers can market other services, such as oil changes and tune-ups. Nitrogen use is also associated with less chance of false alarms from the car's tire pressure monitoring system, which makes customers happier.

Above all, using a California liquid nitrogen delivery service for your nitrogen needs helps save the environment. Nitrogen decreases the use of greenhouse gases and energy demands. By using nitrogen instead of compressed air, you keep the air clean and green.

Why Choose Nitrogen Express?

Nitrogen Express has nearly a decade of experience helping businesses with their nitrogen needs. We are a local, family owned business that uses medical grade liquid nitrogen. We serve more nitrogen tire inflation customers in California than any other nitrogen gas delivery service.

We're available whenever you need us, 24/7. We can also respond to your nitrogen emergency quickly.

Is your car dealership in need of a liquid nitrogen delivery service? If so, contact us today at (951) 356-4381.


  • Nitrogen Express We have been utilizing your service for almost one-year and are very happy with your company.
  • Nitrogen Express You under-promised and over-delivered!
  • Nitrogen Express The sale of Nitrogen has been a GOLD MINE for us
  • Nitrogen Express It has been almost one year since we began your program and it has been a complete success!
  • Nitrogen Express In the first three weeks of operation we sold two-hundred and fifty-two units (252) and more than quadrupled our investment with you.
  • Nitrogen Express In the first two weeks after you dropped off your cylinder we sold over one-hundred-and-ninety (190) Nitrogen fills.
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