California Nitrogen Delivery for Medical & Pharmaceutical Companies

Improving Safety in the Medical Field with Nitrogen

In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, safety is of utmost importance. After all, medical supplies are created to help patients, not hurt them. Therefore, supplies must be created in the safest environment possible.

The presence of oxygen is a huge concern in the medical field, since oxygen can lead to combustion. Fire and explosion is never welcome in a medical environment - or any environment, for that matter - so it's important to get rid of the oxygen.

Blanketing with Nitrogen

Fortunately, nitrogen is up to the task. This versatile gas used for many purposes in the medical field. For example, a process called blanketing removes the oxygen and displaces it with nitrogen. The environment becomes inactive, reducing the risk of combustion. Blanketing also reduces the side effects of oxygen, which improves the quality of the medical supplies. Oxygen can cause rust and corrosion, which can damage or alter products, so nitrogen prevents these conditions from occurring.

Nitrogen is also used in packaging medical supplies and during material transfer. Oxygen is purged from the package and replaced with nitrogen. This protects the supplies during transport. In addition, pharmaceuticals can be hazardous if not handled properly, so by using nitrogen, the transfer is much safer.

Medical-Grade Nitrogen for the Medical Field

If you need a nitrogen gas delivery service to serve your medical and pharmaceutical needs, look no further than Nitrogen Express. We're a local, family-owned business that's friendly and professional. We use only knowledgeable and trustworthy drivers, so your nitrogen delivery is in good hands. We deliver only the best medical-grade nitrogen, perfect for companies in the medical industry.

Improve the safety and quality of your medical supplies with our nitrogen delivery service. To learn more, contact Nitrogen Express at (951) 356-4381.


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