Nitrogen for Tire Dealers in Los Angeles and Across California

Tire Inflation & the Benefits for Cars

Californians depend on their cars, and tires are an important part of that. The inflation pressure helps support the car and keep it in motion. Tires are typically filled with compressed air, which changes in pressure when temperatures heat up or cool down. Humidity and moisture contribute to pressure variances as well. This means that tire pressure can change on a daily or even hourly basis.

This can be frustrating for drivers who want to keep their tires properly inflated all times. Fortunately, there is another tire inflation option: nitrogen. Nitrogen is a slow inactive gas that has been used in heavy equipment and race car tires for many years. Nitrogen is ideal for these applications because it does not support combustion or moisture.

At Nitrogen Express, our California nitrogen gas delivery service is well-equipped to bring your tire dealer the gas it needs. Call us today at (951) 356-4381 to learn more.

What to Know About Using Nitrogen

  • Nitrogen reduces tire pressure loss by as much as one-third. While tires should still be checked regularly, they will be able to maintain consistent pressure for longer.
  • Because there is no moisture, pressure will increase when operating temperatures increase.
  • Because nitrogen keeps tires fuller longer, you'll get better fuel economy.
  • Compressed air retains moisture, which can lead to corrosion. Nitrogen does not support moisture, keeping your tires rust-free.
  • Nitrogen prevents tire aging, keeping them usable for a longer period of time.

Quality Nitrogen, Any Time You Need It

Nitrogen Express is your source for nitrogen, and we have your tire inflation needs covered. We make things easy for you. Keep your tank at your location and we'll fill it up 20% more than our competition. We're a family-owned business that offers friendly and reliable service.

Using nitrogen for your tire shop? For delivery 24/7, contact Nitrogen Express at (951) 356-4381.


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