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Nitrex: A simple solution


With our flawless liquid nitrogen delivery service, you can rest easy. Never again will you worry about running out of liquid nitrogen!

To schedule regular delivery service with Nitrogen Express please fill out the in-take form below. We will create a custom price quote based on your liquid nitrogen needs.

Jason Cowles filling nitrogen tank
Filling liquid nitrogen tank

Nitrogen Express Advantage

Receive the reliable service your business deserves with Nitrogen Express. 

We treat every customer and every order as if lives depended on it (and, for our research and medical customers, that’s true!). But even our non-medical customers have businesses that can’t survive without liquid nitrogen. Every single person on our staff understands this and behaves accordingly.

Below are some of the ways in which we deliver peace of mind to our customers. From remote tank monitoring to responsive text communications and honest billing, we ensure your liquid nitrogen needs are always met. Experience worry-free liquid with Nitrogen Express!

Smart Tank Technology

No Tank Swapping

Save time and money with a single set of premium tanks calibrated for your needs.

Exceptional Accuracy

Know exactly how many liters are left in your tanks at any time.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor nitrogen levels form your tablet, smartphone or other device.

Business Metrics

Gain insight into the key use indicators that impact your bottom line.

Emergency Guarantee

2-Hour Emergency Response Guarantee. If you have an emergency we will respond within two hours or we will pay you $1,000*

*Terms and restrictions apply

Exact Billing

With Nitrogen Express you only pay for exactly what we put in the tank.



“Finding your company was a miracle. We had so many issues with our previous supplier; it was as if they didn’t care.”